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Company Profile

Company Profile

Management Philosophy
of Runflat Co., Ltd.

Our philosophy is " Self-Independence and Creativity ", in which we actively and boldly tackle various issues with intellectual curiosity and open up new paths.
We will do our best to learn by ourselves, think for ourselves, open our way and contribute to society.

Management policy

Based on the spirit of Japan, all run-flat employees have ownership as professionals in the industry, do not neglect daily learning, place the happiness and prosperity of customers as the first priority, and commit to achievements.

Taking the major changes in the environment caused by the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection as an opportunity for growth and change, the sales and business departments will promote telework using IT tools, and better products and services in anticipation of the coming new normal era and we will concentrate on fulfilling our supply responsibilities. In such an uncertain turmoil, the process of believing and pursuing can be very powerful. As a result of constantly thinking about what we need and what we can do to help our customers, we arrived at ASC (AutoSmithConsulting: our unique 24-hour web search, ordering, and product comparison system). Now that price competition for general-purpose products is intensifying, it is necessary to shift to high-value-added products, respond promptly, and provide accurate information. There is no doubt that ASC will be a great force for our customers.

We prioritize the health and safety of our employees and their families, and while shifting up to "motivation reform" that we want to work at this company, we are not limited to "work style reform" that aims for a good working environment. By linking this to improving the motivation of all employees, we will maintain employment and continue our business.

Contributing to
society through tires

Company name Runflat Co., Ltd.
Representative Directors

Kanji Kaji / Chairman & CEO

Paid-in Capital 10 million JPY
Establishment September 1, 2000
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ibaraki Branch
Ikeda Senshu Bank Shonai Branch
Amagasaki Credit Bank Settsu Branch
Number of employees 27
The head office 2-9-52 Yokoe, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, 567-0865
TEL 072-636-5171
FAX 072-636-5172
Warehouse Kanto Distribution Center
Kansai Logistics Center (3 locations)
Main business items Domestic / Imported automobile tires
Wheels / Imported batteries
Tire changer, Wheel balancer


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【Business hours】9:00~18:00
(Excluding Sundays and holidays)

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