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ASC System

ASC System

Simply use the ASC system to solve your problems smoothly.


Is there such a problem?

  • It takes time to check inventory; then lose business opportunity.
  • If you cannot contact the person in charge, your order will be delayed.
  • Inventory check / order after business hours will be the next day.
  • Always ask supplier to confirm the purchase price.
  • I don't know which product to recommend to customers.

With ASC, you can check inventory and place orders 24 hours a day from your computer.
This is our original WEB system.

Benefits of using the system

Check inventory information 

Check the stock status in real time.

Runflat in-house inventory
◎: 101 or more in stock
〇: In stock within 51 to 100
Real number: Shows the actual number of stocks
Manufacturer inventory
Products with manufacturer inventory. You can place a final order as it is.
Inventory inquiry
This item requires inventory confirmation once.
After checking the stock, you can make a formal order.

Orders are available 24 hours a day

Opened orders for if you're in a business talk with a customer or if you want to place an order late at night.
Prevent lose business opportunities.

Easy product comparison

Display detailed product information that can be compared and examined when you are wondering which product to choose.
ASC will help you make the best suggestions to end users.

Usage flow


Find a product

Please select a product from various categories.


Decide on a product

Please decide the product to purchase.


Quantity selection

Please decide the quantity of the item to purchase.


Destination selection

Please select the desired destination (shipping destination).


Confirmation of order

Please confirm the selected order.

STEP 1 Search for products


①Select products from categories (tires, wheels, batteries, balance weights)

②Regarding tires, you can also select from the tire brand selection and instant delivery tire list (list of on-hand inventory) according to the specifications and applications of the car.

STEP 2 Decide the product


After deciding the product to purchase, click the price part.

※The displayed price is [Price without tax].
※Please note that the displayed price varies depending on the product category.

Example)Tire: Price of 4 tires Battery: Price of 1, etc.

STEP 3 Select quantity<


Select the quantity after confirming the details of the product to be purchased.

※Shipping fee may be charged separately depending on the quantity of products.
Please check the remarks column for the conditions for shipping charges.

STEP 4 Select destination


①Select the desired destination in the "Shipping destination" field.
If you select [Arbitrary input] in the "Shipping destination" field, and if you would like to add the registration of the "Destination name / address" item, please contact us.

②If you have attached information, you can enter it in item

STEP 5 Confirmation of order


When the order is confirmed, the pop-up message will display "Order confirmed".


You can check the ordered products from the top page.

Inventory check product list:
Inventory inquiry You can check the status of the product.

Shipment status Product list:
You can check the status of the ordered products before shipping.

List of shipped products:
You can check the status of the ordered products that have already been shipped.
It is also possible to issue a delivery note on the web.

For inquiries about tires, batteries and services
Please feel free to contact us.

【Business hours】9:00~18:00
(Excluding Sundays and holidays)

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