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Tire Related Products and Enquipment

Tire Related Products and Enquipment

Battery、Wheel、Balance Weight and Enquipment



Battery Battery

We have a wide range of models for domestic cars, imported cars, taxis and agricultural machinery, as well as models for idling stop cars and charging control cars.


Wheel Wheel

We offer a wide variety of products to meet diversifying user needs, from sports to dress-ups, large SUVs to mini vehicles, and a wide range of special lineups.

Balance weight

Balance weight Balance weight

We have a selection of environmentally friendly steel balance weights. Two colors, silver and black, are applied with epoxy-polyester-hybrid coating that is resistant to rust and corrosion. We have adopted a sticking type (3M tape specifications are also available) with excellent work efficiency.

Machinery and tools

Machinery and tools Machinery and tools

We provide tire-related equipment such as tire changers and balancers.

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【Business hours】9:00~18:00
(Excluding Sundays and holidays)

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